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Win $100 Weekly On Topbets Euro 2024 Raffle

Win $100 Weekly On Topbets Euro 2024 Raffle



Euro 2024 is finally here with us and Topbets is giving you a thrilling chance to win some cool cash while having fan at it. 

What would you do with $100? 

Starting tomorrow for the next three weeks, one lucky winner will receive $100 weekly till the last day of the Euros on 5th July. 

That’s right – three weeks, three lucky winners courtesy of Topbets


Who is eligible? 

Everyone! As long as you’re 18 years or over and live in Kenya. 


How do you participate in the raffle? 

It’s free and simple. You earn tickets for various actions. More tickets means your odds of winning are higher! 

1. You earn your first ticket by signing up for this raffle using your email address.

2. Subscribing to our Telegram channel and staying subscribed for at least 2 months earns you 5 more tickets! 

3. Following us on X (formerly Twitter) and committing to that follow for at least 2 months will add another 5 tickets to your chances.

4. Writing a blog post about this raffle on any website will turn into 5 extra tickets for you, provided you keep the post up for at least 2 months, and that you link back to this raffle.

5. Sharing this raffle on Facebook and keeping it for a minimum of two months gets you another 3 tickets. 

6. Tweeting about the raffle on X (Twitter) and retaining the tweet for 2 months will add 3 tickets to your account.

7. Refer a friend who successfully signs up earns you 3 extra tickets. That’s right, 3 tickets for every friend you bring to the raffle.


Claiming Your Prize

Winning has never been so sweet. Every week, we’ll select one lucky participant to receive a cash prize of $100. Here’s how it breaks down: 

1. Week 1: $100
2. Week 2: $100
3. Week 3: $100

The money will be wired directly to your PayPal or bank account within 30 days of your win!

18+ only | T&Cs apply

Check out our FREE TIPS here

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